Cropster integration

The Cropster Roast QC integration allows to tie your roasts collected via Fabscale to Cropster Roast QC. The integration is also ideal for mixed settings with industrial and shop rosters.

Integrate with the leading solution for QC

Capture your quality data in Fabscale

You can collect quality data from your roasting system, and add in missing data manually in Fabscale.

Integrate with Cropster QC

Synchronize all your roasts from Fabscale into your Cropster account, e.g. for the QC manager in Cropster to do further QC like cupping.

Capture data from shop roasters via Cropster

If you have a mixed setup (with some industrial roasters and some shop roasters), you can get a full view of your production with Fabscale and Cropster. Fabscale captures roasting data from industrial roasters, while Cropster collects data from shop roastes. The integration ensures that all roasts are always visible in both systems.