Fabscale allows you to keep track of the maintenance tasks across your whole roasting plant. Avoid forgetting important tasks, as well as reducing unnecessary tasks based on your actual production.

Stay on top of your maintenance tasks

Define tasks for your maintenance workers

You can define tasks that should be completed by one of your maintenance workers. You can add as much detail to the task as you want, and assign it either to a single plant asset (e.g. roaster), to a specific component (e.g. main burner), or just keep it general for your whole plant.

See which tasks you have scheduled

Maintenance workers can get a specialized view of the tasks they have scheduled for the coming week. Easily mark tasks as completed, and always stay on top of your work plan.

Predefined tasks for your roasters

For all PROBAT roasters, we offer predefined lists of default tasks. This allows you to get going right from the get to, without having to manually enter all of your tasks on your own. Don’t worry, you can always overwrite/change any of the predefined tasks.

Attachments, comments and more

You can add attachments (photos, manuals, …) to your tasks, making your maintenance processes even more efficient. Furthermore, users can add comments to either ask questions or just keep a digital log of what has been done.

Full traceability

Always know who completed which task, when. See previous completed as well as future planned tasks for any plant asset or component. 

Repeating tasks

Make tasks repeat by defining a time interval, like once every 6 months. Tasks will then be auto-repeated when they are marked as completed, which means you won’t have to re-create the same tasks over and over again manually. Create the tasks once only!