A selection of reports allows you to get detailed information about your production, in a format that suits you.

In-depth analysis with advanced reporting tools

KPI Compare Report

Compare multiple KPIs over any given time period. You want to compare your energy usage with your production output? Or your roaster’s uptime with your end temperature deviation? Select a time period, optionally filter for a subset of roasters and/or recipes, and get a detailed breakdown of your selected KPIs. You can compare as many KPIs at the same time as you want.

You can choose to view your KPIs per time period, roaster or recipe. For further processing, you can also download your data as an Excel file.

KPI Details Report

Get an in-depth view of a single KPI. See this KPI per roaster or per recipe, and get a view of the KPI per roaster/recipe over time. Use the available filtering options to answer specific questions about your data.

Plant Compare Report

If you have more than one plant setup in Fabscale, the Plant Compare Report allows you to get an overall overview of your worldwide production. Select the unit system to see your data in, and compare as many KPIs across your plants as you want.

Status Map Report

Analyze the status mapping information that has been captured for your plant assets. See how much time the different machines spent in different times, filter for specific date ranges, plant assets, or status, and see all the data you need at a glance.