Roast batches

See a list of your roasts in full detail. Every roast comes into our system in real time, allowing you to see what exactly is going on in your production.

All your roasting data collected in a central hub

Roast overview table

See all your roasts in a single place. Filter them to find what you are looking for, and use the auto-refresh feature to have a feed of new roasts happening in real time.

Table customization

You can select which roast properties you want to see right on the overview. This allows you to compare roasts right from the overview page.

Capture missing information

Quickly fill in any missing information that is not automatically captured for your roasts, like the roast color. Your table will refresh automatically, so you will see your roasts as they are happening as a continuous stream. This makes it as easy as possible to complete your roast data, giving you a holistic picture of the production.

View roast details

Get a detailed view of your roast, including all captured parameters. We can also optionally capture roast curves & the product temperature RoR, allowing you to get an even better picture of your roasting process. You can also capture and see quality data of your roast.