Roastpic Integration

AI-powered Roastpic Professional transforms how you measure and evaluate coffee, analyzing size, color, and defects to ensure superior quality. Seamless integration with Fabscale and the Coffee Vision System synchronizes your roasting data with cutting-edge coffee analytics. With the Roastpic Photo Sheet and Coffee Vision System, you’re fully equipped to collect comprehensive data on your green, roasted and ground coffee – all in one place.

Gather quality data with taking only one picture

Capture size, color and defects with one click on the Coffee Vision System

Place your coffee (green, roasted or ground) in the bottom tray of the Coffee Vision System, a multi-user device with uniform lighting and a built-in camera for high-quality bean images. Select your coffee type and snap a photo. In moments, you’ll receive precise calculations of size, color, and defects, streamlining your coffee analysis effortlessly.

See all the captured data in more detail on Fabscale

Leverage the power of Roastpic Professional on Fabscale, where data control is seamless and intuitive. Fill in any missing information with manual entry to maintain data accuracy, and easily explore images and details with a user-friendly interface for enhanced data management.

Compare and connect your pictures

Discover the power to seamlessly compare and analyze your coffee images captured with Coffee Vision System. Fabscale application provides detailed pages for each captured image, allowing you to easily examine and compare them. Harness the full potential of your coffee assessments with Fabscale’s comprehensive viewing experience.

Learn more about Roastpic

Explore the full range of Roastpic features. Tailored for every level of coffee expertise. For those just starting out or not in need of the full suite of professional tools, Roastpic Free and Premium packages offer a taste of our innovative features. Learn more and find the perfect fit for your coffee analysis needs on the Roastpic website.